'A mi, vivir me ocupa mucho tiempo'

For me, living takes up a lot of time

Today was my first day at ELISAVA! I had my typography and graphic design class, which will replace my main design studio course back at CMU. Within an hour, we were already working on our first project. It's a quick, week-long exercise and is a presentation of ourselves as designers on a 50 x 70 cm (yes, I can't think in inches anymore) poster board. The visuals can take any form like photography, illustration, typography, collage, etc. This openness is what makes the project challenging. Next Monday, we will give a short oral presentation about our project, which my professor will film. At its core, graphic design is about communication, so it's important we know how to communicate ourselves.

The most memorable part of class, however, was my professor's introduction about herself. My professor is Mariana Eidler, who has an impressive graphic design background and runs her own studio called Tactica. She told us about her studio's motto, which epitomizes Spanish culture, at least what I know of it so far. The saying goes, "A mi, vivir me ocupa mucho tiempo," which translates to "For me, living takes up a lot of time." 

Mariana told us she does not spend hours upon hours working in her design studio. Instead, she dedicates much of her time to simply living. How can you be inspired if you're closed in four walls? she asked us. This philosophy is not the Carnegie Mellon philosophy. CMU is full of workaholics who rarely see the light of day, including myself. If I learn anything this semester, it will be how to separate my life from my work and worry about the future less.

Living in the present stretches time, Mariana told us. I plan on enjoying every moment I am here.