Sunday Salsa

One off the bucket list! Today I salsa danced (or attempted to) at my favorite park, Parc de la Ciutadella. Every few Sundays, locals join in the park gazebo for an afternoon of dancing. The man I'm with in the video was nice enough to teach me some moves, which were a lot harder than I expected given my dance background. Part of the struggle was that he hardly spoke any English, which, of course, turned into a great opportunity to practice my Spanish. The other struggle was that even though female dance partners are supposed to follow their male counterpart, I always try to lead :)

I love living in a culture that appreciates dance as much as I do. There were people of all generations dancing together, and it seemed as natural for them as walking. Dance is such a great way to connect with people, create a sense of community, and celebrate culture. I felt more connected to the local people today than I typically do just walking on the street. Hopefully with some practice, I can start to dance like them too.