Foguerons de Sa Pobla

Last night, I went to my first festival! The Foguerons de Sa Pobla tradition is a bonfire festival that celebrates Majorcan culture. This year marked the 700th anniversary of the death of Ramon Llull, a prominent Majorcan philosopher, logician, and writer. In honor of Llull, the festival featured music, poetry, and an exhibition profiling him.

Although the festival was spread around the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona, my friends and I stayed in one square where we witnessed a bonfire, firecrackers, a human pyramid, live music, and traditional dancing. The firecrackers (pictured above) were some of the most exciting part of the night, especially because the first explosions were a complete shock!

Going to events like this makes me want to know more about Spanish culture and what makes each region unique. So far, the appreciation for history and tradition is one of my favorite things about Spain.