Welcome to ELISAVA


This semester I’m studying at ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. As part of an international study abroad program, I take classes with students from all over the world, including Brazil, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Cyprus, and more! I'm excited to get a global perspective on design in addition to immersing myself in the Spanish design culture.

We recently had an orientation with the other students, faculty, and program coordinators. We learned about the curriculum and toured the facilities, which are beautiful! The illustrations above are from murals on the first and second floors. The first illustration is supposed to represent how students feel in their first year at ELISAVA, which is why it looks energetic, crazy, and a little nonsensical. The second illustration represents the second year, where students start exploring design principles like shape, color, and texture. The third and fourth floors also had illustrations representing those years. I love how fun and expressive the style is!

When meeting my professors, I was struck by how much they reminded me of my professors at Carnegie Mellon—serious, intellectual, interesting. Their general philosophy seems to revolve around a holistic approach to design. Design is everywhere; you just need to start looking. Many professors told us how important Barcelona will be to our education. “The city is the classroom,” they repeated. In Barcelona, we can see design present in building exteriors, museum exhibits, street signs, and even tapas.

I’m also excited by the school’s emphasis on interdisciplinary studies. I believe all design disciplines are related, and so do the professors here at ELISAVA. For example, my packaging design class will fuse product design and graphic design because of the relationship between the three-dimensional form of the package and the two-dimensional graphic imagery. We will also do a branding project in my typography class that we can apply to a project in my packaging class. I always love finding connections between my different studies, and I appreciate our professors encouraging this type of learning. 

I can’t wait to begin classes!