Finding Family in Greece

This has to be one of my craziest experiences from the semester!

My great grandfather immigrated to America from Greece, and since then I have kept little ties to my Greek family except for my last name. While in Athens, I decided to try to connect with any remaining family members. I had no concrete places to go to except for the return address on a letter sent from a distant relative in 2000. My friends thought I was insane (for good reason) but decided to go along with me on the journey.

My first day there, we went to the address in the letter and found that no family lives there anymore. We then spent the day talking to neighbors through Google Translate, struggling to communicate on the phone, mixing up addresses, and traveling across the city multiple times. Finally we found Alex Mourikis, the great nephew of my great grandfather.

Alex graciously welcomed me and my friends into his home, told me about our family history, and treated me like his own. Meeting him meant a lot to me, and even through his very broken English, it was clear that it meant a lot to him too. Thank you Alex for your warmth, and thank you Leah, Ruby, and Jesse for helping me create a happy ending to this unlikely story.