LinkedIn Recruiter Messaging Redesign

Improving workflow and communication

While interning at LinkedIn in summer 2015, I worked on Recruiter, the platform that job recruiters use to source candidates. Specifically, I helped redesign the messaging platform with the goal of streamlining the process of tracking and communicating with potential hires. I transformed the old email-style inbox into a threaded messaging platform, incorporating recruiting tools previously only available on candidates' profiles.






Getting started

When I received my project, the consumer messaging platform was undergoing a transformation from an email-style inbox to a chat-style platform. I was initially asked to mirror these changes in the Recruiter inbox . However, Recruiters are more sophisticated users of LinkedIn and require smarter and more powerful tools when using the product. To start, my goals were:

  • Incorporate threaded Messaging
  • Increase the functionality of the Inbox


Understanding Current Features

When exploring the Recruiter platform, I noticed that interacting with a single candidate requires recruiters to jump between many pages including the profile page, projects page, and inbox. I wanted to eliminate as many unnecessary steps as possible in their process by bringing additional tools and information into the inbox.

The recruiting tools on the right-hand column of the profile allow recruiters to sort, tag, and make notes about candidates. While previously only accessible on the profile, these tools are now available on the messaging platform.

Candidate Profile Page

Candidate Profile Page


Competitive Analysis

I looked at other messaging platforms to learn and get inspiration from their functionality, information architecture, and visual design. Messaging Messaging

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Apple Messages

Apple Messages



In addition to the recruiting tools, I experimented with incorporating different features like connection paths, InMail credit tracking, and automatic replies. The visual design and information hierarchy also evolved with each revision.

User Feedback

I participated in customer calls, during which I asked current Recruiter users for feedback on my latest inbox redesigns. While the feedback was generally positive, I noticed a recurring pattern that recruiters wanted more control over the message organization. This prompted me to incorporate organization by project folders.



Final REdesign Features

Improved Organization

Recruiters can organize their inbox by message threads with individual people. Or, they can choose to sort their inbox by project folders, which contain messages with candidates suited for specific job openings.


Easier Access to Profile Information

Before opening a message thread, recruiters can hover over people's profile images to view a quick summary of their information. Once in the message thread, recruiters can expand the top row to view additional profile information like education and contact information.


Integrated Recruiting Tools

Recruiters can use the recruiting tools on the right column that are typically found on the profile page. The tools include adding people to projects, as well as adding tags, attachments, notes, and reminders.


Recruiting Activity Summary

Recruiters can view their previous recruiting activity in the right column.


More Powerful Search

Search results are now separated into message keywords, people's names, and project folder names.


Message Actions and Filters

Recruiters can take actions on a message such as marking as unread and forwarding, as well as filter their inbox by categories like unread, pending response, and archived.