Mrs Eaves

A study of the characteristics and history of a typeface

In these print and motion studies, I examined the unique qualities of the typeface Mrs Eaves. Focusing on the italic face, I first created a series of grids composed of cropped letterforms. I experimented with how much of each letter to show in order to preserve the essence of the typeface. I also tried to communicate different feelings with each grid by organizing them in three distinct ways. 

I then set the typeface in motion—a difficult and exciting challenge! This time I introduced the entire typeface family, showing individual letters, phrases, and larger text blocks. I also gave background information about the typeface's origins. But most importantly, I focused on creating a compelling story. I was fascinated by the real Mrs. Eaves, after whom the typeface is named, and her connection to famous 18th century typographer John Baskerville. With the help of Zuzana Licko's beautiful letterforms and Jon Brion's gorgeous music, I personified the Mrs. Eaves character.


Letter Grids