Paper Team Values

The Dropbox Paper design team wanted a better way to make decisions, so we created a social contract as a way to lay a foundation of trust and shared understanding. We spent lots of fun sessions together reflecting on our team values and crafting them into powerful, actionable statements. I then transformed the contract into posters and cards that remind us of how we aim to work as individuals and with each other.

I first created a poster that stated all of our values. I wanted it to look like a declaration—clear, emphatic, and proud. This was the poster we would all sign. 

Inspired to explore our values more deeply, I then created individual posters for each one. I made the typography more expressive and conceptual, hoping to capture the idea behind each value.

So I finished the posters. Then what? We didn't want our values to feel like static artifacts on a museum wall. We wanted to live and breathe them. So, I created cards to recognize teammates for embodying our values. We could fill them out with a personalized message at any moment and add them to a growing display near the posters.